Monday, September 6, 2010

For A While ☺

Eyyo people.Its been a long time for not writing and posting in this blog,because a little problem come to me.there was a disease that attacked my father, and of course I had to take care of him.So, I slightly forgot to manage this blog, especially with graffiti or my drawing and sketching activities.i've just got a little artwork,like this

Repressent for our hood,the New Type of Anarchy klan.There no special colouring,but everytime i look at this sketch,its look like a burning..haha.Ah,the next is a flash app. in google chrome.i forget about the name.but,i think

One day,Mr.Jabray One Four or Rayunoquatro or Gaycawangfornia or whatelse,asking me to do a sketch exchange project.So,i accept that,and i made this for him.
And the last,i have a little advice for you.If you got a big problem,or stuck in a bad situation,or just have a bad luck,just calm.Keep your mind positive...positive...and positive...More pray to god,and dont despair.Just positive thinking...

see ya..